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Ketamine Infusion services offered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Ketamine Therapy
Ketamine Therapy

Studies indicate that KETAMINE can alleviate depressive symptoms within hours to days, unlike traditional antidepressants that may take weeks to show effects. 

By exploring the benefits of ketamine in alleviating symptoms and improving mental health outcomes, everyone grappling with conditions may find hope in alternative treatment avenues. Discussing the potential of ketamine in conjunction with other therapies could open doors to more comprehensive approaches for managing mental health challenges.

Doctor supervised Ketamine infusions

RAPID RELIEF: Benefits of Ketamine for PTSD, Depression, and Stress

NEUROPLASTICITY: KETAMINE’S mechanism involves promoting synaptic connection in the brain, enhanching neural plasticity and potentially reversing the effects of stress and depression.

TREATMENT-RESISTANT DEPRESSION: KETAMINE has shown promise in providing relief for individuals battling PTSD, depression and stress-related conditions.

Our staff is experienced in supporting professionals, front line workers and EMS with our KETAMINE protocols which are fast acting, safe, legal and Non traceable on drug tests and covered by HSA.

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