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Sexual Health
Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness services offered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Problems like reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness often interfere with sexual enjoyment. If you develop a sexual wellness issue, visit Jason Chiriano, DO, FACS, and his team at VivaLife Healing Centers in Rancho Cucamonga, California. They provide pioneering therapies that address the cause of your problems and help you enjoy a better sex life. Call VivaLife Healing Centers to arrange a sexual wellness consultation, or complete the online booking form today.

Sexual Wellness Q & A

What is sexual wellness?

A healthy, fulfilling sex life is an important aspect of wellness and has numerous benefits, including improving mental health and strengthening intimate relationships. However, many people have difficulties with sexual wellness that cause them discomfort and emotional distress. Issues that can affect sexual wellness include:

Reduced libido (sex drive loss) can often result from these problems and others.

When should I seek help for sexual wellness problems?

People often talk about how often they should have sex, but there’s no hard and fast rule. If you have sex twice a day or twice a year, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy. However, you should seek help from VivaLife Healing Centers if reduced libido makes you miserable or if you have physical difficulties with sex.

You don’t need to feel embarrassed about discussing intimate issues with Dr. Chiriano and his team — they have the utmost respect for all patients and will address your problem with compassion.

What treatment might I need for sexual wellness problems?

The first step in overcoming sexual wellness problems is finding the cause. Your provider examines you and checks your vital signs, reviews your medical history, and discusses your symptoms. You might require one or more of the following:

Treating underlying issues like chronic health conditions is vital. You might require hormone therapy if menopause is affecting your libido or sex is uncomfortable because of vaginal dryness.

Patients can also benefit from the innovative therapies VivaLife Healing Centers offers. These include PEMF pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to boost energy levels, VibraGenix to increase blood circulation, promote emotional well-being, and reduce stress, VivaIV therapy for enhanced nutrition, and BrainTap brainwave activity therapy.

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